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Practical training is arranged in the following seven methods.
(1) Liquid penetrant testing (LPT)
(2) Magnetic particle testing (MPT)
(3) Ultrasonic testing (UT)
(4) Radiographic testing (RT)
(5) Visual Testing (VT)
(6) Leak Testing (LT)
(7) Radiographic film interpretation


(1) Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)
(2) Time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD)
(3) Eddy current Testing (ECT)

welding lab

Facility to explain different types of Welding processes, Welding procedures, Welding positions, Welder’s qualification Test, Weld visual examination, Weld defects, Welding consumables etc. are arranged here.

Piping lab

Piping lab is facilitated to explain P&ID, GAD, Isometric pipe supports, Coordinates, Elevation etc. We provide live demos of Heat exchanger, Vessels and Columns, Pumps etc. at our construction sites to explain equipment drawings, equipment construction, Nozzle orientation etc.

Ducting lab

Ducting lab provides the detailed idea of ducting to the trainees based on the drawings.

Structural lab

Structural lab provides detailed idea of structural to the trainees based on the drawings.

materials lab

Sufficient quantity of almost all kind of mechanical construction materials in different specs is arranged.

Designing lab

Designing sessions with proper software training is arranged for Piping, Structural, MEP, HVAC, Project Management, QS and Costing & Estimation modules.

Civil Engineering lab

Civil Engineering lab includes NDT sections like Rebound hammer test, Ultrasonic pulse velocity Concrete testing, Penetration methods, Pull off and pull out test, Profometer, NDT for corrosion assessment ,thickness of concrete bridges, NDT for detection of cracks voids in concrete bridges, Radar method, NDT for steel bridges (UT,MT & LPT), NDT on masonry bridges also includes QC sections like Construction materials and material control, Destructive testing, Mechanical inspection, Safety requirements for testing, Results and interpretation and Tests on soils, bitumen, cements, aggregates and fresh concrete etc.

Electrical Engineering lab

Electrical Engineering lab facility at our premises will enables students to handle electrical equipment testing with confidence and also help to acquire supervisory skills for maintenance testing and commissioning and it includes testing of Meters, CT, PT, feeder protection relays using primary and secondary injection kits, handling methods of special type kits, scheme check and fault identification of 33 KV C&R panel, preventive and periodical maintenance basics and earth pit testing etc.